If you plan on marketing to environmentally conscious customers, authenticity is very important. These customers are typically very informed and will look beyond your advertisements and claims to ensure your company’s products and processes are truly green. Any signs of deception could have negative effects on your company. Below are some tips to help your company market to environmentally conscious customers.

Don’t Lie ? At All

It is of critical importance to never lie or misrepresent your products or processes. Customers who care about the environment take this issue very seriously and would most likely stop doing business with your company if they discover any signs of deception. They also will most likely spread the word about your company’s misrepresentations. This could have long-lasting damaging effects that your company may not be able to recover from. It is important to remember that honesty will be your best policy when marketing to environmentally conscious customers.

Share Your Business’s Processes

When it comes to your processes and practices, your business should be an open book to the public. Today, consumers are demanding to know traceability for their products, doTERRA reports. If this information is not available, many environmentally conscious customers may not use your products. In addition to this, social impact programs can also be beneficial to share. Sharing these programs can help gain your customers’ trust and respect. This also demonstrates that your company is serious about protecting the environment. Start with the location and production processes of your raw materials and work your way up the process chain. The more you can humanize the process by giving stories of workers or small businesses in your supply chain, the more it will appeal to your clientele.

Put Environmentalism in Your Business Culture

It is important to remember that being green should be seen as a part of your company’s identity. Pollution Issues advises that your business should have a clear vision and mission statement of its commitment to protecting the environment. This includes using sustainable materials and processes and donating portions of your profits to combatting local and global environmental issues. It really comes down to leading by example and practicing what you preach. The last thing you want is a disconnect with your customers between what you say and actually do. To be successful, eco-friendly initiatives should be at the core of your company’s culture.

In closing, if you plan on marketing to environmentally conscious customers, one of the most important things to remember is to always be honest. In addition, your company should share all of its processes so that customers know exactly how your products are made. Also, leveraging social support programs and activities can gain the respect and trust of your customers.