If you have quality, hi-res graphic design, your overall branding approach will come off as high quality with your companies reputation.

  • Uniqueness ? Having a unique approach to any form of creative will allow itself to stand out on its own. We make sure that each piece of creative we make has it’s own feel and style.
  • Timeless ? If you create something that is truly iconic, it will withstand the test of time no matter how old your brand is. Think Nike, Apple and Mercedes Benz.
  • Appropriate ? Color scheme, images and demographics all play a role in the kind of targeting you are trying to achieve with your graphic design. Blues and yellows make perfect colors for a car wash, when pastels and light hues make good for skin care products.
  • Cohesive ? If you don’t follow a pattern with your designs, then your audience won’t follow your brand. Every company needs cohesiveness with all of their design approaches in order to achieve brand loyalty and top of mind awareness.
  • Adaptable ? Just because your print ad looks great and gets high response doesn’t mean you use the same ad everywhere. Certain mediums require certain graphic design elements and approaches. Adapting your designs to certain platforms is key in the success to your ads.

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    Based on our initial evaluation, we will present a summary report with recommendations on the best way to move forward. With budgets in mind and a willingness to move forward, we will present a consulting agreement for your review. All of our campaigns and contracts are for one year. This is for many reasons, but mainly to allow the campaign to have a chance to succeed. If you don't give a strategy time then you will never be able to truly gauge whether or not it was effective.