Logo Design Worth Bragging About

At DMC Media we can create that perfect logo for your industry. Creative logo design is an important component within our creative department, and it is something that we do not overlook when it comes to details.

When starting with a new logo design project, there are two paths that can be taken.


  1. We can work off of a clients original idea. This seems to be the most common scenario we encounter. The majority of our clients come to us with an idea, the only problem is, they can’t bring it to life on a computer themselves. However, the more the detail the better. This will ensure that we provide you with the exact logo you had in mind when choosing our agency for the job.
  2. We can create a logo design from scratch. This is a rare scenario, but a fun one to say the least. Some clients simply don’t have the time nor creative mindset to come up with a conceptual design themselves. Face it, if you were a graphic designer or artist, then you wouldn’t be reaching out to anyone to create this for you. But you’re not…and that’s fine!
Our designers will personally speak with you over the phone to get an idea of what exactly you are trying to accomplish. Whether you have an idea in mind, or you don’t, we guarantee that we have the capability of producing one stellar logo design. On average, our designers will produce 6 conceptual designs within the first round of logos. From there, you can pick the most intriguing design out of the six. Once we have established your favorite option, you will have an unlimited number of revisions during our graphic design process. We want to ensure you that once we get to the final stage of this process, we wont stop till we get it right. Your satisfaction, company image and our reputation are too important to leave tarnished with poor execution. We can guarantee you wont leave with a product you don’t like.

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    Based on our initial evaluation, we will present a summary report with recommendations on the best way to move forward. With budgets in mind and a willingness to move forward, we will present a consulting agreement for your review. All of our campaigns and contracts are for one year. This is for many reasons, but mainly to allow the campaign to have a chance to succeed. If you don't give a strategy time then you will never be able to truly gauge whether or not it was effective.