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When it comes to digital marketing, being seen on the web is a fundamental principal for success. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is through pay-per-click marketing, which is a cost-effective solution that will provide results even as search engine algorithms and searcher habits evolve. Acting as Martin Counties premier PPC company, we can guarantee our experience and knowledge towards this strategy.

How It Works

Pay-per-click campaigns work on clicks as the name suggests. It will only cost you money when a customer clicks on your ad that appears in a search engine results page. There are, however, some more complicated factors to consider with PPC marketing. For example, keyword selection for your campaign will be integral to success, since PPC ads rely on relevance to a user?s search. The amount of clicks the ad gets can depend on the quality of the ad. Then the conversion after the click can depend on the quality of the landing page, so you will want to have a refined professional approach when designing ads for a pay-per-click campaign.

While PPC marketing is accessible to business owners through AdWords and other search engine tools, it does require significant research and upkeep to succeed. Keyword research, management and performance tracking are all very important components of a PPC campaign. That?s why you?ll want to have a marketing agency on your side to do the legwork?research, copy testing, and keyword management?as you enjoy the perks of low-cost lead generation and a growing customer base.

Why You Should Use It

There are some key points on why you should use PPC and how it is effective:

  • It can provide page 1 exposure in search engine results
  • It can provide immediate traffic bumps to your website
  • It can create targeted traffic to your website through proper keyword research
  • You can easily track results
  • You can geo target your ads to location and schedule ads to run during times optimal for your target market

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    Based on our initial evaluation, we will present a summary report with recommendations on the best way to move forward. With budgets in mind and a willingness to move forward, we will present a consulting agreement for your review. All of our campaigns and contracts are for one year. This is for many reasons, but mainly to allow the campaign to have a chance to succeed. If you don't give a strategy time then you will never be able to truly gauge whether or not it was effective.